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Pedophilia: What You Need To Know (part 3)

  Pedophilia is a very difficult topic to talk about. People have such strong emotional reactions. So we thank you for returning to this hard but necessary conversation on pedophilia. Today we are going to be looking at some of the interesting and highly informative information that recent studies have revealed about the minds of […]

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Pedophilia: What You Need To Know (part 2)

  In the previous article on pedophilia, which is a highly contentious and controversial subject in itself, we discussed the “why” behind pedophilia. In essence, the idea that pedophilia may happen as a result of romantic and sexual desires that fail to mature as the individual grows and matures. What makes this idea somewhat revolutionary […]

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Pedophilia: What You Need To Know (part 1)

  Pedophilia – it’s a word that causes an almost instant reaction in people. Anger, disgust, pity, even sorrow. However, these are the reactions of the people who stand on the outside, looking in. Have we ever asked ourselves what a person struggling with pedophilia feels when they think about their own proclivities? Do they […]

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