Why Are There so Few Sex Crime Allegations During The Pandemic?

Many cities around the U.S., including here in Michigan, saw a significant drop in certain crimes during the lockdown for the Covid19 pandemic. Specifically, robberies, burglaries, and sexual assault numbers showed significant decreases around Michigan. (Although interestingly, not every type of criminal activity slowed down, as shootings actually increased here in the Great Lakes state […]

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Can a Federal Judge Force Michigan to Rewrite Our Sex Offender Registry Laws? Yes Indeed! (Pt 2)

Welcome back and thanks for joining the criminal defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm. We’ve been discussing the amazing ruling handed down recently by U.S. District Court Judge Robert Cleland, who has been pushing Michigan to change our unconstitutional sex offender registry laws for some time now. As we explained in the previous article, this […]

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Can a Federal Judge Force Michigan to Rewrite Our Sex Offender Registry Laws? Yes Indeed! (Pt 1)

Michigan’s sex offender registry has been a source of enormous controversy for years now! The state has been sued repeatedly for unconstitutional laws that violate people’s rights, and numerous inflammatory articles were written on the subject. But nothing changed. Then in August of 2016, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati (which has […]

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Sexual Harassment Claims Popping up All Over in The Michigan House And Senate!

Multiple women in the Michigan Senate are speaking up against what they call the “good ‘ol boy’s club” that exists within the Michigan Legislature. Claims of inappropriate sexual comments, lingering touches, and uncomfortable innuendoes have been cropping up like mushrooms after a heavy rain. And it all started with State Senator Mallory McMorrow, who recently […]

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Grand Rapids Man Claims It’s His Constitutional Right to Own Child Pornography!

The man, in this case, claims that he has a right to have images of children because he identifies as an 8-year-old girl himself! Having just shared with you some interesting information about revenge porn laws coming under fire as unconstitutional because they may violate First Amendment rights to free speech, this is another interesting […]

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