Will it Make me Look Guilty to Hire a Lawyer if I’m Accused of a Sex Crime?

This is a question a lot of people ask themselves when they are being investigated for, or they are arrested for sex crimes. Often times, they call our criminal defense attorneys to ask that very same question. Even if the crime they’ve been accused of isn’t a sex crime, like possession of an illegal drug, or assault, most people still wonder if they’re doing the right thing by hiring an attorney

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And why would they waste time wondering if they’re making the right choice by protecting themselves and exercising their Sixth Amendment rights? Because there’s a certain ridiculous stigma about having an attorney. This COMPLETELY INCORRECT idea that only guilty people need legal help is repeatedly proven wrong. 

Cops say it all the time, but even they know the truth! A good lawyer is critical!

It’s something that cops love to take advantage of while questioning vulnerable and scared people during a criminal investigation. If we had a dollar for every time an officer had suggested to one of our clients that calling a lawyer made them “look bad”, or wouldn’t be necessary unless they had something to hide, we could take you all out to lunch on our own dime. Yet, despite the nonsense of that thought, police officers here in Michigan say it over and over again. 

But the truth is, over the years our firm has represented police officers accused of crimes, and every last one of them was in a hurry to hire us. Because they know the truth – EVERYBODY has a right to good legal counsel, and the system is very flawed, so the better your attorney is, the better your chances of avoiding a wrongful conviction. People that understand our justice system understand that having a professional by your side is the only really correct way to deal with the system. In addition to police officers, our attorneys have represented psychologists, government officials, teachers, judges, CPS workers and other lawyers. 

Sex crimes are taken very seriously here in Michigan!

Sex crimes are no joke. Whether you live in Lansing, Livingston County, Grand Rapids or Lapeer, being accused of a sex crime is a life altering event. Naturally, you’d be stressed out, angry, and frightened. And that’s when you say things you shouldn’t, and make choices that can seriously hurt your case. Here is your most important choice: Shut up and lawyer up. 

That’s why a good defense attorney is critical – not only to build a strong defense on your behalf and make certain that your rights are protected, but also to help keep you from making emotionally charged decisions that could land you behind bars

What can a defense attorney do to help me if I’m accused of a sex crime?

There are lots of things a skilled and experienced ex crime defense attorney can do to help you if you’re ever accused of a sex crime in Howell, Battle Creek or Ann Arbor. For example, if you’re really on the ball and you hire a criminal defense attorney before you’re even arrested, your attorney may be able to access information about the alleged event before the police seize evidence or confiscate your devices. That can be a huge help in building your defense quickly. Moving quickly is often a key element in strategizing and planning your defense. 

Also, the sooner you have a great lawyer on your team, the sooner they can start putting together the team that will bolster your defense. From experts who will testify at your trial, to  possibly a private polygraph and character witnesses, there are lots of people who could be called upon to help fight the allegations against you. And the sooner they’re on board, the better!

How do I make sure my sex crime defense lawyer is top-notch?

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime here in Michigan, you’re going to need excellent legal representation. You’re up against possible prison time, serious damage to your reputation, and the very real possibility that you’ll end up a registered sex offender. It’s a big deal, and you need to take it seriously! Lots of innocent people are in prison right now for Criminal Sexual Conduct, sex assault crimes, child molestation and statutory rape. 

That’s why you need our help. Here at The Kronzek Firm, our aggressive sex crimes defense team has a long track record of success defending people from all over the state, from Grand Rapids to Detroit, and Jackson to Mt. Pleasant. Call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245  the moment you discover you’ve been accused of ANY type of sex crime. Your future is on the line here, and you only get one shot to defend it! Make sure you hire the best! We are available for crisis intervention after hours and on weekends. You can reach us 24/7 by calling 866 7NoJail