Pandering Prostitution


In Michigan, not only is prostitution a crime, but so is Pandering. Pandering is the legal term that describes when a person acts as a “pimp”.

Under Michigan Compiled Law 750.455, a person engages in Pandering when they encourage, entice, or force a woman to become a prostitute or to live in a prostitution house or other such place that practices prostitution. This person may threaten violence or use fraud to get the woman into prostitution. Commonly, a person involved in Pandering gives money to or receives money from the person he or she hopes to solicit as a prostitute.

A person who is convicted of Pandering may face a loss of freedom. This is because in Michigan, Pandering is a felony and the penalty could be a prison sentence of up to twenty years. If convicted, a defendant will be considered a Tier 2 sex offender and will be placed on the Public Sex Offender Registry for 25 years. Being on the public registry can really harm a person as family, friends, and colleagues may be able to view the defendant’s name on the list. This can limit employment opportunities and negatively affect the lives of the defendant and their loved ones.

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