Juvenile Sex Offenses

Juvenile Sex Offenses

Juvenile - The Kronzek FirmIn Michigan, the age of consent is 16 years old, meaning that engaging in certain sexual behaviors with some who is 15 or younger may be criminal behavior. Thus, even when a teenager has sex with their girlfriend or boyfriend, the teenager is doing something illegal. Convictions for this will likely stay on a person’s criminal record forever.

Though most sex crime convictions lead to registration on the Michigan sex offender registry, the legislature has created some exceptions to the registration requirements when the offender is a juvenile. For example, people whose sex crime was the result of a juvenile adjudication—rather than a criminal conviction in adult court—may be able to petition the court to get off of the sex offender registry.

At The Kronzek Firm, we are a statewide Michigan law practice that focuses on sex crimes, including rape and misdemeanor sex crimes. We understand the implications of a juvenile sex crime adjudication. We will help your child avoid this potential sex offender registration if at all possible.

In any juvenile sex crime, our mission as lawyers will be to keep the avenues of success in life open for your child. We have a common goal. We want your son to be able to go on in life and not have doors slammed in his face because of this one isolated incident.

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