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Defense Against all Criminal Charges in Michigan

To learn more about false allegations of sexual conduct, visit:

To learn about Michigan’s court system, from municipal courts to the state’s appellate courts, visit:

To learn more about the Sex Offender Registry Act (SORA), we recommend the following websites:

General Resource Links



Criminal Law Oriented Websites

Michigan Law

Michigan Compiled Laws

The Michigan Legislature web site provides users with the ability to search current Michigan statutes, and pending legislation.

Michigan Administrative Code

This site includes links to administrative rules that have been enacted by departments of Michigan’s executive branch. This includes rules governing traffic codes, breath testing, and even the use of forensic science.

Executive Orders

The site for the Office of the Governor provides access to orders issued by the governor, along with information about the current governor, and links to relevant news articles.

Attorney General Opinions

The Michigan Attorney General Opinion web page includes a numbered list of all opinions issued by the Attorney General’s Office, including a variety of different ways you can search for the information ayou want.

State Law Library

The website for The Law Library of Michigan offers legal research tools for users needing information on state laws, including research guides, and advice on law library research.

Michigan Courts

The Michigan Supreme Court web site offers a wealth of information about both Michigan’s Trial and Appellate courts, including  court rules, community outreach, recent decisions made by the State Supreme Court, and a link to livestream court proceedings.

Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council

This site offers downloadable documents for use by police and prosecutors in Michigan.

Federal Law


This is an official U.S. government web site that serves as a central hub from which to search all online resources offered by the federal government.

The Federal Judiciary

The site provides links to federal courts around the nation, including a searchable database of court records, and links to all services provided by federal courts, including downloadable court documents.

U.S. Government Publishing Office

This site provides links to all publications made by the three branches of the federal government, including the United States Code, and the Code of Federal Regulations.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress site provides access to current and past federal legislative history, including Senate and House committee hearings, bills, and prints, and also the Congressional Law Library.

General Legal Information

Cornell Law School

The Cornell Law School site provides users with links to all federal and state laws.

Find Law is a commercial web site created to offer the average person without a law degree information about laws, both federal and state. The information and general legal research tools it offers can be very helpful, but don’t replace the advice of a qualified attorney.


This web site also offers legal research guides, free legal forms, and general legal information. However they also offer more advanced legal research options that a user can pay for as they go.

Criminal Justice Statistics

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

This site analyzes criminal justice data submitted by law enforcement agencies around the nation, to address specific criminal justice and criminology research issues.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

The BJS site provides statistics relating to both general crime trends, and specific crime issues, like gun crimes or drug related crimes.


This website provides links to criminal justice statistics gathered by more than 100 federal agencies around the country.