Why Are There so Few Sex Crime Allegations During The Pandemic?

Many cities around the U.S., including here in Michigan, saw a significant drop in certain crimes during the lockdown for the Covid19 pandemic. Specifically, robberies, burglaries, and sexual assault numbers showed significant decreases around Michigan. (Although interestingly, not every type of criminal activity slowed down, as shootings actually increased here in the Great Lakes state during the lockdown, especially in Detroit.) 

A close up of a woman's face who is wearing a mask on her face, per the governor's recommendations.

If sex crimes are reported as being down, is that an accurate reflection of reality? Has there really been a reduction in sex crimes here in Michigan during the pandemic, or are these numbers an inaccurate reflection of the facts? What’s really going on here during this pandemic?

Reporting affects the numbers on paper, but isn’t always accurate

Statistics show that there is usually an increase in sexual assaults during times of crisis, including wars, natural disasters, and health crises. According to an article published by the Harvard Medical School, this is because “The stress, fear and sense of helplessness associated with emergencies tend to increase risk factors for perpetration of violence, particularly against women.” If you’re in Grand Rapids, Livingston County, Tuscola or Ottawa County, you know the stress we’re talking about. It’s crazy in Michigan right now. 

So what makes this particular situation different? Or is it really? According to PrisonPolicy.org fewer people reporting crimes, and changes in the way policing is conducted during the pandemic will naturally result in lower crime rates on paper, but that isn’t an accurate reflection of reality. For example, in the Lansing and Roscommon County areas we’ve certainly been hearing about an increase in sex crimes tied to domestic assault situations.

Experts say there has actually been a rise in sexual assaults during lockdown!

According to Terri Poore, Policy Director of the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, almost 40% of the rape crisis centers they surveyed saw an increased demand for services since the start of the pandemic. Cities across Michigan have seen similar results, with local women’s shelters in Lansing, Battle Creek and Jackson all seeing an increased need for services by women alleging to be victims of sexual assault during the Covid pandemic.

But how is this possible? How can there be an increase in sexual assaults when people aren’t supposed to be socializing? One answer to that lies in opportunity. Experts say that sexual assaults against strangers, and during dating and college campus parties have all decreased. But sexual assault against intimate partners and children in the home have all increased. 

Don’t let allegations of sexual assault steal your future and ruin your reputation

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