The Attorney General is Making Good on Her Promise to ‘Clean up The Clergy’ in Michigan!

Hundreds of Michigan priests have been accused of sexually assaulting children in Michigan. The AG wants to get them all! Attorney General Dana Nessel’s vow to clean up the clergy and hold the Roman Catholic Church accountable for covering up sex crimes against children began because of an explosive grand jury hearing in Pennsylvania. That […]

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Is U of M Biased Against Men Accused of Sex Crimes? Lawsuit Claims Yes. (Pt 2)

Welcome back and thanks for joining The Kronzek Firm. We’ve been discussing the highly controversial lawsuit that the University of Michigan has been caught up in for several years now, and the allegations made that the university is actually biased against male students who’ve been accused of sexual assault. As you know, an accusation is […]

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Is U of M Biased Against Men Accused of Sex Crimes? Lawsuit Claims Yes. (Pt 1)

The University of Michigan has been embroiled in a lawsuit for several years now, claiming that they are biased against male students accused of sexual assault. According to the University of Michigan’s own policies, any student undergoing disciplinary action has a right to defend themselves against allegations and accusations. It’s a critical aspect of the […]

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Is Being Accused of a Sex Crime by The Feds Different than a State of Michigan Charge? (Pt 2)

The feds don’t operate like the state prosecutor’s office, and you’d be amazed how much harder it can be to fight federal charges. Welcome back and thanks for joining us again. We’ve been discussing the differences between being accused of a sex crime by a county prosecutor here in Michigan, and being accused of a […]

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Can Registered Sex Offenders in Michigan Hand Out Candy to Children this Halloween?

For many people, Halloween is their favorite time of year. The hilarious costumes, the spooky decor, the endless buckets of candy, what’s not to love? But for registered sex offenders in Michigan, the holiday can have a very different association, and it’s not a great one. Michigan is widely known for the highly restrictive limitations […]

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