Why do There Seem to be More Sex Assaults Around The Holiday Times?

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Several things seem to go up around the holidays, and no – we’re not talking about people’s blood pressure (although folks do seem to be more stressed out at Christmas time!). We’re talking about criminal activities. Look at the stats and you’ll notice that there’s an exponential rise in drunk and drugged driving incidents, burglaries, domestic violence encounters, and even purse snatchings. But the one particular crime we’d like to talk about that seems to increase during the holidays, is sexual assault. Here in Michigan, many sexual assaults are called criminal sexual conduct or CSC. 

Why do sex crimes happen more frequently during the holiday season?

In truth, there is no hard and fast answer for that question. Ask the experts and you’ll probably get a whole host of different answers. But one of the more common suggestions has to do with things like people drinking more at holiday get-togethers, which can lead to regrettable decisions – both for people who consented and for those who didn’t get consent from their partners.  

What types of sex crimes get more frequent around the holidays?

Sexual assault (in the form of rape) seems to be one of the main types of sex crimes that we see spike over the holidays. Sometimes this is is because folks have a few too many at the Christmas party, and hook up with someone who they really don’t want to wake up and see in the morning. In which case, the least uncomfortable response is often to deny that you consented in the first place, and assume that the person you woke up with took advantage of you when you were drunk. Because surely you didn’t actually agree…?

False allegations are devastating to people’s lives!

Obviously, the downside to someone deciding in the morning that no amount of alcohol could possibly have led them to agree to have sex with you, is that they’re more likely to assume you never got consent. They can’t really remember what happened, it’s all a blur for you… but suddenly you’re being accused of rape or another sex crime. And you’re 100% certain you would never take advantage of anyone. So it’s their word against yours, which is very hard to fight in court. (Actually, The Kronzek Firm criminal defense team has been amazingly successful fighting sex crime allegations in Michigan for the last 25 years.)  

How can you keep yourself safe during the Christmas season?

The best way to stay safe this Christmas is to make sure you don’t drink too much. (And this goes both ways – you’re less likely to make choices you regret if you’re sober, and you’re also less likely to be accused of a sex crime if you’re alert and aware, and can remember exactly what was said!) Obviously, you should always make sure your partner is a consenting adult who is conscious and has chosen, without any pressure or duress, to be with you. If you’ve got that covered, then you’re already less likely to have false allegations stick!

Do you need legal help during the holidays?

But that doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to wake up full of remorse after some holiday partying and decide they regret their tequila choices. Despite your best efforts, someone may still make false rape accusations against you. And if that happens you’re going to need an aggressive, top-of-the-line defense attorney with decades of experience and a track record of success. In other words, you need The Kronzek Firm. Call us night or day at 866 766 5245 and get started building a strong defense and protecting your future.