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The ACLU is Suing Michigan Over Sex Offender Registry Violations

According to the ACLU, the state of Michigan has been violating people’s rights for a long time! Michigan’s sex offender registry has made headlines many times in recent years. Sometimes it’s because they’re not complying with federal regulations, and sometimes it’s because people’s rights have been violated in some way by the process. But whatever […]

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Treatment of Sex Offenders in Michigan is Determined by How Well They Follow Rules

  It has been eight months since the United States Supreme Court chose not to take up an Appellate Court decision saying that Michigan can’t retroactively impose its sex offender registration law on people. In essence, it meant that Michigan’s sex offender registry requirements are unconstitutional and need to be changed. But it’s been months, […]

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Not Following SORA Rules Will Get You Into LOTS of Trouble! (Pt. 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining us again. We’ve been talking about the importance of following Sex Offender Registry rules when you’re a convicted sex offender in Michigan. We understand that they’re restrictive, and can seem downright brutal at times. But the consequences of not following the restrictions are simply not worth the trouble! […]

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Not Following SORA Rules Will Get You Into LOTS of Trouble! (Pr. 1)

  Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) outlines very specific requirements for convicted sex offenders, which includes both people convicted in Michigan, or currently living in Michigan. For example, the law requires that all sex offenders in Michigan register their real address with law enforcement after conviction, but prior to sentencing.   An offender has […]

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