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How Do I Get My Name Taken Off The Michigan Sex Offender Registry? (Pt 1)

Being a registered sex offender means that info is available to anyone, anywhere, and your future is considerably more limited! If you know anything about the Michigan sex offender registry, then you know it’s an online database meant to track sex offenders in the state of Michigan. Allowing both law enforcement and the general public […]

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New Attorney General Says Michigan Sex Offender Registry Isn’t Effective Anymore!

The system has become outdated, says AG Dana Nessel, and needs to be revamped in order to be effective. Can you believe that title? Our Attorney General believes that the Michigan sex offender registry isn’t effective anymore? Amazing! Actually, it’s not that amazing – some have said this for a long time. Let’s take a […]

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The ACLU is Suing Michigan Over Sex Offender Registry Violations

According to the ACLU, the state of Michigan has been violating people’s rights for a long time! Michigan’s sex offender registry has made headlines many times in recent years. Sometimes it’s because they’re not complying with federal regulations, and sometimes it’s because people’s rights have been violated in some way by the process. But whatever […]

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