How Do I Get My Name Taken Off The Michigan Sex Offender Registry? (Pt 1)

Being a registered sex offender means that info is available to anyone, anywhere, and your future is considerably more limited!

If you know anything about the Michigan sex offender registry, then you know it’s an online database meant to track sex offenders in the state of Michigan. Allowing both law enforcement and the general public a chance to keep tabs on people who are considered a potential danger to society, after they’re released from jail or prison. But what you may not know, is that the registry is also something of an ethical dilemma.

The registry is a double edged sword…

Allowing the public to track the addresses of registered sex offenders makes them targets for harassment and abuse. Requiring them to register jobs, cars, home addresses, schools and online communications with the cops deprives them of any kind of privacy. And putting limitations on where they can live makes it very hard to find a place to live, not to mention even harder to get a decent job. Which is why so many people reach out to The Kronzek Firm PLC after they’re released from prison, wondering, “How can I get my name taken off the Michigan Sex Offender Registry?”

Can it be done? Yes it can, but not always.

People are often thrilled to find out that having their names removed from the registry is sometimes possible, and later on they’re less enthused when they discover how time consuming and complex the process is. But if you happen to qualify, then it’s worth every minute of your time, every penny spent on an attorney and every ounce of your effort to pursue this option. After all, we’re talking about your entire future – your standing in the community, your job, the location of your home, your privacy, and your dignity. So let’s see what’s involved here…

Recent changes to the law allow some people to be removed from the registry.

On April 12, 2011, then-Governor Rick Snyder signed Public Acts 17, 18, and 19 into law, effectively making it possible for certain people to have their names removed from the registry. However, we specify “some people” for a reason. Not everyone is eligible for removal, based on what crime you were convicted of, and when it took place. So how do you figure out whether or not you’re eligible? Well, the law can be somewhat overwhelming when it comes to the list of who can and who can’t be removed from the registry. So that’s where a good lawyer comes in.

At The Kronzek Firm, we can help you figure this out.

Here at The Kronzek Firm, we’ve been fighting sex crime charges, and helping people get off the sex offender registry for many years. It’s something we’re very good at, and very efficient at. Which is why we can afford to charge a very small fee for the initial review by our resident sex offender registry expert, Attorney Stephanie Service, to find out if you’re eligible for removal. Once we know that, we can help you make a plan for the future, whatever that entails.

So how do I find out if I’m eligible for removal from the registry?

Download our application form here, and fill it out completely. Then, enclose the filled out form and a money order or certified check for $90 (made payable to THE KRONZEK FIRM) in an envelope, and mail it to our main office in Lansing:

The Kronzek Firm PLC

420 South Waverly Road, #100

Lansing, Michigan 48917

We’ll review your record and contact you within 10 days with information about what to expect, and how to proceed. Please join us next time for a look at which types of sex crimes would make you eligible, and which ones wouldn’t. Until then, if you’ve been accused of a sex crime, you need to fight it immediately. Call us at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) and get the best legal help available. After all, this is your future we’re talking about here! The attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have been fighting sex crime charges in Michigan for a quarter of a century.