Will Being a Registered Sex Offender in Michigan Affect Your Holiday Plans?

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If you had plans to get a seasonal job, gettogether with your extended family, or travel this holiday season, you may need to adjust your expectations…

In a word: yes! Being a registered sex offender in Michigan can have a huge impact on your holiday plans in all sorts of ways. This is because here in the Great Lakes state we have very strict rules that sex offenders are required to follow, which can feel extra restrictive around the holiday season. Plus, having a sex crime on your criminal record can have other effects on your holiday plans, especially if you’re planning to travel over the Christmas break. 

Your plans for seasonal work will be affected:

Christmas can be a costly time. Between the gift shopping, higher heat bills, and increased trips to the doctor for cold and flu season, it can be a time of serious financial troubles. Many people offset those additional costs by getting a second job during the holidays. But as a registered sex offender, that can be practically impossible. Many holiday jobs bring you into contact with the public, so having a criminal record makes you undesirable as an employee. And when that particular record is a sex crime, its extremely hard to get anyone to hire you!

Your family may treat you badly during the holidays.

Families tend to do a lot of getting together during the holidays, especially when it’s relatives that don’t see one another during the year. But for people convicted of sex crimes, they may not be as welcome at these gatherings as others. Some people aren’t comfortable having a sex offender in their homes, and others simply don’t want “that type of person” around their children. It can make the holidays very stressful, and even rather sad. Feeling unwanted and rejected by family members is always hard. And at Christmas time, when the focus is on family and love, it can feel very lonely.

Your holiday travel plans can be short-circuited.

If you were hoping to travel out of state to visit loved ones, or even travel abroad to escape Michigan’s chilly winter weather, you may find your plans interrupted. Countries all over the world have restrictions on what type of people can enter, and many of them don’t allow known felons to cross their borders. So if you were planning to cross the border, expect customs officers to deny you the right to visit their country because of your sex offender status. As for crossing state lines, be sure your time away doesn’t last longer than seven days, and doesn’t  make you miss your annual (or quarterly) registration date! 

A good Michigan sex crime defense attorney makes all the difference!

Being accused of a sex crime has a huge impact on every aspect of your future. That’s why we tell our readers and our clients that the best way to avoid all those issues is to avoid becoming a registered sex offender in the first place. And how does one avoid a conviction? By having a trained, well respected, aggressive and experienced sex crime defense attorney on your team. Having the right attorney fighting for you is critical. Contact The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail). No matter what your circumstances are, you have the right to a top legal defense. Let us know as soon as you’re ready to hire a fierce defense team. With 25 years of fighting sex crimes in Michigan, we’re here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and yes – even on holidays.