How to Avoid a Sex Crime Conviction in Michigan! (Pt 1)

Being accused of a sex crime in Michigan is a life-changing event, which is why you need to take ANY kind of sex crime allegation very seriously. If anyone accuses you of a sex crime, whether it’s statutory rape, child molestation, or some other kind of sexual assault, you can’t just hope it’ll go away on it’s own. It doesn’t work like that. Allegations of sexual assault are always taken very seriously by Michigan cops and prosecutors. And if you’re hoping to avoid a conviction, it’s important you follow our advice to the letter.

So what should you do if someone accuses you of a sex crime in Michigan? Well, we can start this convo with one very important thing you SHOULDN’T do – and that’s defend yourself publicly. Yes, we know, that sounds ridiculous! But it’s true. The first thing you should do when someone lies about you and accuses you of a sex crime is NOT rush to your own defense. DON’T go on social media and tell your side of the story, or tell all of your friends and family why they shouldn’t believe the lies about you. So what should you do? Shut up and then lawyer up. Don’t talk to anybody about this. Not the cops, not clergy, not a therapist, not your family and not your friend. Nobody. 

1. You want to talk about it? Talk ONLY to your attorney!

Not rushing to your own defense is very hard. We get that. But believe it or not, you can actually do a lot of damage to your own case by discussing it with other people. Even if they’re trusted loved ones, or you know they’ve got your back. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to discuss it at all, it just means you have to be extremely careful what you say, and who you say it to. And that’s where your defense attorney comes in. Because that’s who you really need to be talking to right now if you’re hoping to avoid a conviction. Nobody other than an experienced criminal defense attorney with decades of experience defending sex crime charges here in Michigan. 

Don’t talk to the cops. Don’t answer their questions or try to explain what really happened. If they offer you a chance to “set the record straight” or “tell your side of the story”, don’t do it! Cops need someone to charge. They need to solve the case and move on. So it’s important that you remember who’s side they’re really on – because it’s not yours!  So “lawyer up” and don’t believe any of the nonsense the cops feed you about how staying silent makes you look guilty or like you have something to hide. They’re just doing their jobs. You need to do yours, which is to keep your mouth shut. Lawyer up. 

2. If you’re arrested, don’t complicate the process for yourself!

Being arrested sucks, we get it. And you might be totally innocent, which makes the whole thing feel doubly unfair. But if there’s one thing you absolutely mustn’t do, regardless of how unjust this whole thing feels, is to resist arrest. DON’T fight the cops! DON’T try to run away! And definitely DON’T “disappear” yourself so the cops have to come looking for you. Running, hiding, or fighting will only make a bad thing worse. So cooperate, be polite, lawyer up and then as soon as you get a chance, call us!

After you’ve been arrested, the cops are going to book you. This means they’ll fingerprint you, take your personal effects, and put you in a jail cell. We advise that you comply with all of these processes. But beyond that, we strongly advise that the only info you provide is your name and address when they ask. Everything else they can get from your driver’s license. The less you tell them, the better your chances are of avoiding that conviction! So don’t say more than providing your most basic identifying information, and then call us as soon as you can!

An aggressive criminal defense attorney hired right at the start makes a big difference!

Join us next time for more pointers on how to avoid a sex crime conviction in Michigan. However, until then, if anyone accuses you of a sex crime, no matter how trivial it seems or preposterous the allegations see, you need to take it seriously. And the first step on the road to fighting back is calling The Kronzek Firm. Our aggressive and experienced sex crime defense attorneys are trusted and respected in Michigan when it comes to fighting allegations of sexual assault. We’re available 24/7 at 866 766 5245. So make the right choice and get the right people on your team, right from the start!