Child Molestation

Child Molestation

Prosecutors in Michigan are under considerable pressure to pursue charges in child molestation cases, even when there is no physical evidence. This holds true whether you are in Ingham County, Lenawee County, Antrim County, Wexford County, or anywhere in the state of Michigan. Jurors also seem to require a lower threshold of proof to convict someone of a child sex crime. This does not vary from city to city, whether you are in Lansing, Adrian, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, or Cadillac. If you are convicted, you face a lengthy prison sentence, loss of your family,and registration as a sex offender. Since the cards are stacked against you, its important to have the best legal defense.

At Kronzek & Cronkright, we are a statewide Michigan law firm that focuses on sex crimes such as child molestation and indecency with a child. Our lawyers have earned a statewide reputation for our case results, which include many acquittals and dismissals. Our defense attorneys have the specialized training, experience, understanding, and skill to defend against sex assault allegations by a child.

The actual charge in a child molestation case in Michigan will be Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC). The degree of the charge will depend on the allegations made as well as the prosecuting attorneys discretion.

Allegations of child sex crimes present complex legal issues. For example, Michigan has developed special protocols for the questioning of children to avoid tainting the results. These protocols are supposed to be used in every county and city, including the counties of Mason, Lake, Alpena, and Montmorency, and the cities of Portage, Grand Blanc, and Charlotte. Although law enforcement officers claim that they use these protocols, our lawyers have seen several cases where the proper protocols were not used throughout the interview. We understand the protocols and can readily spot tainted questions as well as fallacies surrounding physical and misunderstood anatomical evidence. Skilled pre-trial research can lead to acquittals in child molestation cases.

As lawyers, we constantly educate ourselves on child witnesses, false evidence, and false confession issues. Our law firm is closely aligned with The National Center for Child Abuse Defense. We also serve as referral attorneys for individuals seeking the Centers assistance or advice in their defense. Our extensive network of medical and psychological experts is composed of nationally recognized authorities. We often use these experts, along with our own years of experience, to give you the benefit of an aggressive, winning team defense. This fierce and tenacious child molestation defense is especially necessary in counties such as Lapeer, Sanilac, Kent, and Shiawassee.

Free attorney consultation: Fill out our contact form or call 1-866-766-5245 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to talk to an experienced Michigan defense lawyer about your child sexual abuse case. Our attorneys represent clients throughout Michigan, including Lansing, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Detroit, Saginaw, and Flint.

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