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Grand Rapids Man Claims It’s His Constitutional Right to Own Child Pornography!

The man, in this case, claims that he has a right to have images of children because he identifies as an 8-year-old girl himself! Having just shared with you some interesting information about revenge porn laws coming under fire as unconstitutional because they may violate First Amendment rights to free speech, this is another interesting […]

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Teen Sexting – It’s Complicated (Pt 2)

Teens have access to so much info these days, and it can make them feel “all grown up”. But teen sexting is a difficult issue. Welcome back. We’ve been unpacking the subject of teen sexting and why it’s such a complicated subject. As we mentioned in the previous article, there are some very strange discrepancies […]

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Teen Sexting – It’s Complicated (Pt 1)

Teens aren’t quite adults and aren’t quite children, which makes their sexual escapades very complicated, especially from a legal standpoint. If you have teenage kids, then you already know that raising them is challenging. Their brains are awash with complicated chemistry, and they’re socially connected in ways that prior generations couldn’t even conceive of. Suspended […]

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