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Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Laws Have Been Updated, And They’re Confusing Everyone. Including The Cops!

Michigan law can be confusing, especially when it’s not something you have any training in, or that you deal with on a regular basis. So hearing that Michigan has updated it’s Sex Offender Regisration rules in a confusing way may be disheartening for the average person from Lansing, St. Johns, Adrian, or Grand Rapids, but […]

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Is MSU Now Biased Against Men in Sex Assault Cases?

A group of male students at MSU is accusing the university of being biased against men in sexual assault investigations as compensation for the Nassar case. Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware of the scandals that have rocked MSU in the last few years. The Michigan State University scandal started with the […]

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Why Does it Matter if it’s a Federal Sex Crime?

Local prosecutors often hand off cases to the feds because federal punishments are harsher. If you read the news, specifically when it comes to teachers being charged for having sex with students, or people being accused of having child porn, then you’ve probably heard the term “federal charges.” And chances are, you know that there’s […]

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