How Teens Are Affected by Sex Crime Laws in Michigan (Pt 2)

Girls are more commonly the victims of cyber sex crimes than boys are, and boys are more commonly the perpetrators.

Thanks for joining us again to discuss the issue of sex crimes, and how teens can be affected by these allegations and charges. As we pointed out last time, sexting often includes the sharing of nude selfies, which can sometimes result in child pornography charges. It’s actually a very tricky situation, because in many cases, the kids involved in these investigations shared the images with partners and friends voluntarily, so the “crime” doesn’t fit the boundaries of a traditional crime. So how do the cops handle these types of situations?

Cops deal with teen sexting in many different ways.

When a parent finds a nude picture on their child’s phone and freaks out (legitimately) and calls the cops, there could be many possible outcomes. Not every teen sexting situation means automatic sex crime charges. In situations where the pictures were willingly shared and no one was coerced, shamed or bullied as a result, some cops will meet with the young people involved and discuss the importance of making smart decisions. But sometimes even voluntary sharing can end badly.

Imagine this… a teen girl takes a full frontal picture of herself naked and shares it with her boyfriend. If the only people to see that image is the girl who took it and the boy she shared it with, and there was no sign that she was pressured into sharing the image and the couple are both teens, an officer isn’t likely to do more than discuss internet safety with them, and talk to their parents about the importance of being aware of what your kids are doing online.

If there is a clear ‘victim’ officers may be more aggressive.

If a teen girl shares a nude selfie with her boyfriend, and he then shares the picture with all of his friends (which means it does the rounds at school, as more and more people share it) the girl may become the victim of public shaming and bullying. This has been known to lead to teen suicide, and officers tend to take those situations very seriously. Michigan recently passed cyberbullying laws that could come into play here, but even more serious are the possible revenge porn charges!

Motivation is a factor here. If the boy who shared the original picture did so because he was angry at his girlfriend, he may be accused of revenge porn. This is even more likely if they broke up before he shared the pictures, and the sharing looks like it done with the intention of publicly shaming or degrading her. And revenge porn charges are incredibly serious here in Michigan!

Keep your kids safe from the burden of unnecessary sex crime charges.

Once a teen gets labelled as a “sexual criminal” it can impact every aspect of their future in a negative way, even if the allegations are completely unwarranted. Even more so if they get put on the Michigan sex offender registry. It can be life-changing, and not in a good way. Which is why parents whose kids are facing sex crime allegations in Michigan need to call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail). Only an experienced sex crime defense attorney can help you protect your kids’ futures.

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