Oh no! I’ve Been Accused of Sexual Assault! What do I do Now? (Pt 1)

A fence with Polaroids tacked onto it in a line, each one bearing a different question - who, when, where, how, why and what.
There are some very important things you need to do right now – and some things you definitely shouldn’t do at all!

First things first – don’t panic! When you freak out, you’re not thinking straight. And when you’re not thinking straight, that’s when you’re likely to make stupid mistakes that could make your situation even worse. Like saying something to the cops that you can’t take back. Or posting something on social media that gives people the wrong idea about you. There are so many ways to screw up your own case, so… since we’re here discussing what you should do now, our first advice is this: Take a deep breath and try to calm down. (Yes, we know – it’s hard. But freaking out isn’t going to help you!) Many, many people help themselves get thrown into a prison cell by running their mouths. Don’t do it. Shut up and lawyer up. 

The sooner you get an attorney on your case, the better!

Now, step two is to call The Kronzek Firm at 1 866-766-5245. The sooner you have an experienced sex crime defense attorney by your side, working on your case and making sure your rights are protected, the better. When you’ve been accused of a sex crime, there are very specific things you should do, and things you should NOT do, in order to give yourself the best chance of beating these charges. But what exactly are you supposed to do? What can you say, and who should you tell? Well, there are a few “industry-standard answers” that apply to every Michigan-based sex crime investigation. But every case is unique, and only a highly skilled and experienced attorney will be able to advise you properly on what the safest and smartest moves would be in your case.

Don’t say anything to the police, but don’t fight them either!

This is important – ANYTHING you say to the cops can (and probably will) be used against you in the investigation, and later in court as evidence. The cops will try to have a “friendly chat” with you, or they’ll lie to you and tell you the case is a slam dunk and they have all the evidence they need to convict (yes – they can and do lie!). But here’s the important part: it doesn’t matter what they tell you, you MUST NOT SAY ANYTHING until you’ve talked to your attorney. Nada, nothing, zip, ziltch. Keep your lip zipped. Lawyer up. On the flip side though, you also mustn’t be rude to them, try to evade them, or fight with them if they arrest you. All of that will only make your situation worse! Be polite and respectful, but SHUT UP until we arrive.

Provide only the most basic info to the cops after an arrest

You can tell the cops your correct name and your age and your address. If the cops ask to see your driver’s license, show it to them. Do they want a picture of your face? Sure, no problem. Because let’s face it – they can do those things with or without your consent if you’ve been arrested for a sex crime. So fighting them on that stuff is a waste of your time and it makes you look combative and uncooperative. But that’s it. Nothing else. Don’t answer any questions about where you were on a certain date, or what you were doing at a specific time. Politely tell them you’re going to wait for your attorney, and then do exactly that. In silence! No conversations with the cops, the people at the jail, friends and relatives. Don’t talk to anybody about this case. 

Being accused of sexual assault is a very serious and very scary crime!

Sex crimes are no joke in Michigan. And being accused of a sex crime can have a massive impact on your future in every conceivable way. That’s why you need to take it very seriously, and do everything in your power to fight these charges – which means calling The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 (866 7NoJail). Our aggressive and experienced sex crime defense attorneys have been helping people from Lansing, Howell, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Hillsdale, Grand Rapids to fight allegations of sexual assault for decades. Also, don’t forget to join us again next time for the wrap up on this important list of things you need to know if you’re ever accused of a sex crime in Michigan!

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