Will Former NFL Player Antonio Brown Face Sexual Assault Charges?

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Former NFL player Antonio Borown has been accused of sex crimes against his former trainer.

If you’re a football fan, then the name Antonio Brown means something to you. Brown’s release from the New England Patriots that came so quickly on the heels of his release from the Oakland Raiders. The sudden parting of ways with Nike. And Brown’s sudden statement, just days ago, that he has no plans to play in the NFL in the future and has re-enrolled at Central Michigan University as an online student. It’s been a storm of controversy in recent weeks, since the first allegations of rape surfaced against AB. So what’s next for Brown? Will he have to face charges of sexual assault

Where did the rape allegations against Brown come from?

Britney Taylor, Brown’s former personal trainer, says that he sexually assaulted her on a number of occasions. According to the lawsuit she filed in the Southern District of Florida, Brown exposed himself to her on two separate occasions in 2017, and then forced her to have sexual intercourse with him in 2018. On the first occasion she alleges that he exposed his genitals to her and then kissed her forcibly. The second instance allegedly took place in his home, where Taylor says she was watching TV. She says he masterbated behind her and ejaculated on her back. She also claims he bragged about the incident in text messages later on. 

Taylor says she was shocked and embarrassed by what had happened.

In fact, she was so humiliated by what Brown had allegedly done, that she ended her professional relationship with him. However, Brown apparently apologized profusely and promised that he would never make sexual advances on her again. Taylor relented and resumed training him. However, on May 20, 2018, she claims Brown forced her down onto a bed, and despite her calling for help and telling him to stop, he forced himself on her and raped her.

A criminal investigation has been started since the lawsuit was filed.

The Pittsburgh, PA District Attorney’s office has said that they’ll be reviewing the allegations made by Taylor. But as it turns out, she’s not the only person claiming to be a victim of Brown’s. Another woman told Sports Illustrated that after being hired by Brown to paint a mural in his home, he showed up naked while she was painting, covering his genitals with a washcloth. She also later revealed that she had received threatening texts and messages from Brown after going public about the encounter. Some of the messages, she said, included pictures of her children.

Being accused of sexual assault is a very big deal!

As you can see, these allegations have all but ruined Brown’s career. And that’s not unusual when someone is accused of sexual assault. Even before the sex assault investigation is complete, their reputation is destroyed and they’ve been convicted in the court of public opinion. That’s why it’s critical to have an aggressive and experienced sex crime defense attorney on your side from the very begining. So if you’ve been accused of sexual assault, and you’re fighting to protect your future and your freedom, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. We can protect your rights and fight aggressively for your future. Our defense team has decades of experience fighting sex crime allegations. We can be reached 24/7 by calling 1 866 7NoJail

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