Is MSU Now Biased Against Men in Sex Assault Cases?

A group of male students at MSU is accusing the university of being biased against men in sexual assault investigations as compensation for the Nassar case.

Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware of the scandals that have rocked MSU in the last few years. The Michigan State University scandal started with the Nassar case, which ended with a record number of women giving victim impact statements in court, on the myriad ways Nassar had ruined their lives through sexual assault and abuse. Then there were the stories of cover ups and conspiracies involving then-President Lou-Anna Simon. She was eventually charged with multiple felonies for lying to investigators during the Nassar case.

The university has developed a rather negative reputation

Since then, there have been many news articles, protests, and social media campaigns calling out MSU on their treatment of sex assault victims, and their misteps in handling prior sex assault cases. But now the pendulum appears to have swing the other way, and MSU is being sued by several male students who claim the university is biased against males accused of sexual assault.

Suits filed against MSU claim investigators automatically believe “victims”

The three suits, which were all filed in federal court, allege that male students involved in sex assault allegations have been “found guilty” by the university’s administrative investigation system simply because of their gender. In other words, they believe that in reaction to the fall out from the Nassar case, MSU is now biased against males involved in alleged sex assault cases. Or, as the lawsuits put it, they were found guilty simply because they were male.

How is MSU allegedly biased against these men?

According to court documents, the three lawsuits all claim that the male students who were “found guilty” were deprived of their due process rights by not allowing them the chance to cross examine their accusers. If this is indeed true, then these men all have legal grounds to be upset, as a federal court ruled just last year that universities must allow students accused of sexual crimes the chance to confront their accusers.

What did the court say, and why does it matter?

In their September 2018 ruling, the United States  6th Circuit Court of Appeals handed down the following ruling: “If a public university has to choose between competing narratives to resolve a case, the university must give the accused student or his agent an opportunity to cross-examine the accuser and adverse witnesses in the presence of a neutral fact-finder.”

Constitutional rights are important, and should be protected!

As for why this matters, it’s because the US constitution affords everyone the right to due process. As the court explains, “Due process requires cross-examination in circumstances like these because it is ‘the greatest legal engine ever invented‘ for uncovering the truth. Without the back-and-forth of adversarial questioning, the accused cannot probe the witness’ story to test her memory, intelligence, or potential ulterior motives.” And yes, this definitely applies to male Spartans as well as females at MSU.

Don’t allow allegations against you to strip you of your rights!

Sex assault cases are a legal minefield, fraught with challenges and potential rights violations.  When you or a loved one have been investigated for, or accused of sexual assault, whether it was on a university campus or not, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled legal defense team has spent decades defending the people of Michigan against sex crime allegations, and we know exactly what’s involved in protecting your rights. Don’t allow public opinion to strip you of your future. You have rights, so use them.

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