Social Media, Sharing, and Sensitive Photos

The Kronzek Firm 

Back in the day, photos had to be printed at a photo center  or developed in a dark room. Today, photos are instantly snapped, quickly shared, and easily printed. Parents or relatives may think the photo they took of a child in their life was innocent, sweet, and silly. 

In many cases, a grown up wants to share these photos with others in their life because these photos mark an innocence and tenderness of childhood that is too often forgotten in this day and time. 

Gone are the family scrapbooks and photo albums. Now, everything is shared online, and sometimes with dire consequences. 

Reports of Child Pornography

However, people are quick to judge these photos. They will report them online, send anonymous tips to law enforcement, or worse. A photo of your niece in the bathtub or your grandchild running around the home in the nude can get you into a lot of trouble. 

Even if you aren’t charged with possession or distribution of child pornography, contacts with a law enforcement officer or suspensions of your social media accounts can be stressful and unfairly affect you. 

These allegations can hurt people all over our state, from Grand Rapids to Lansing to Detroit and beyond. 

What is ok to post online?

Most content is ok to share online. If you aren’t sure if something is ok to post online, you can always ask your attorney. Most people will err on the side of caution. It is best to refrain from posting any images that contain nudity online. This is especially true when the photo is of a child. 

It is sad that people have to worry so much about this when our parents and grandparents all had the same types of photos of us in their scrapbooks and photo albums. However, people do have to be careful with photos or videos that could be seen as “sensitive”. 

If you’re ever in doubt about posting on social media, we recommend just refraining altogether. For our family law and general litigation clients, the opposing party in your case cannot use something against you that doesn’t exist. Because of the risks of oversharing on social media,  it’s best to communicate with friends and family through less public options like phone calls!

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