How to Avoid a Sex Crime Conviction in Michigan! (Pt 2)

A cartoon of a man behind bars in prison, looking out of a window

Welcome back and thanks for joining us here at The Kronzek Firm. We’ve been discussing the issue of how to respond when someone accuses you of a sex crime in Michigan, and how your actions can impact the outcome of your case. In the previous article we talked about two very important things you need to keep in mind after an allegation has been made against you, namely not talking to the cops at all, and not resisting arrest in any way. But while those are both important, they’re not the only things you need to keep in mind.

If you’re facing sex crime charges, there are some very specific things you should do, and should not do to make sure your case has a chance. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person can cost you your future! So take a moment to read through our basic list of what you should know, in case you are ever accused of a sex assault crime in Michigan. It may not seem like the most interesting topic now, but if you ever need this information, wouldn’t you rather be prepared? Here goes…

3. Be cautious about what you consent to, because it matters!

As we said before, we recommend you consent to having your picture and your fingerprints taken during the booking process. But that’s it! Nothing else. For example, DO NOT give permission for a cop to search your home or your vehicle, or for a medical technician to take samples of your hair or blood. 

In most cases, the cops will tell you that if you refuse to submit to whatever search they want, they’ll simply get a warrant and do it anyway. And you know what? That’s fine – let them go and get that warrant. They may, or may not, actually get one. If they do, you need to be fully cooperative with them. But if they don’t, then you MUST NOT consent to anything. (This advice does not apply to consenting to take a breath test at the police station or jail if you are arrested for drunk driving.) 

4. Remember your phone call, but be careful what you say!

You have a right to a phone call when you’re booked at the jail, and we recommend that the first person you call is us (or a family member who will reach out to us immediately on your behalf). But once you’re in jail you will have access to a phone to make collect calls to loved ones, and that’s where you need to start watching what you say. Conversations with your attorney are privileged, so no one can listen. But convos over the jail house phone with friends and family are free game.

Don’t discuss your case, or any details about the allegations against you during those phone calls. Jail house phones are frequently tapped, and nothing you say during those conversations is protected. Which means that anything you say there can be overheard by another inmate and reported in exchange for privileges, or even listened in on by guards. So you would do well to remember that absolutely anything you say while in jail, unless it’s part of a dialogue with your defense attorney, is up for grabs. So don’t say anything to anyone! Silence really is golden.

Getting the right attorney on the job ASAP makes all the difference!

When fighting sex crime allegations, it can be extremely difficult to prove your innocence. Especially when it all comes down to ‘he said/she said.’ There are way too many men sitting in prison cells today after being falsely accused and then convicted based only on the accusation of one person. Don’t be one of them! Call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 524 the moment you discover you’ve been accused of ANY type of sex crime in Michigan. It’s your future on the line, and you only get one shot to defend it! So make sure you hire the best!