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Defending against a sex crime allegation is one of the most demanding challenges that a Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney can undertake.  Prosecutors, police, family members, friends and even judges can seem to line up against you.  People often assume you are guilty just because you have been accused of a crime.  Sex crime prosecutions are not easy to defend and you should not trust an inexperienced attorney to handle them. Fortunately, the attorneys at Kronzek & Cronkright are here to help.

Since 1998, Kronzek & Cronkright has been representing clients facing all types of sex crime charges, including solicitation and rape.  As Michigan sex crime attorneys we know how serious an accusation, investigation, arrest or criminal charge involving any type of sex crime can be, and we can develop a defense for every type of sex crime charge, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct: Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) is a term that refers to a group of sex crimes, including rape, statutory rape and child molestation, and are categorized into four degrees.  Punishments for any of the four degrees of Michigan sex crimes may include imprisonment and the possibility of being placed on Michigan’s sex offender registry.
  • Assault with Intent: Assault with intent covers two main crimes that prosecutors will often use as a back-up if they are unsure if they can get a conviction for a CSC charge.  These two charges are sexual assault with intent to commit penetration and sexual assault with intent to commit 2nd degree CSC.
  • Child Pornography: Child pornography is illegal under both Michigan and federal law, and is a serious criminal offense.  The possession of any images that depict a person under the age of 18 that are sexual in nature is punishable by prison time and registration as a sex offender.  Sharing and/or producing child pornography is a separate and even more serious offense and carries much harsher punishments.
  • Accosting a Minor: Accosting a minor is a situation where a person accosts or solicits a minor to engage in sexual activity or immoral acts.  While historically this charge was primarily used when a defendant approached a child in a park or at a school, it is also used in more modern situations like internet sex crimes. The penalties, like for most crimes involving a child, are not light.
  • Pandering: Pandering is a legal term that refers to a person enticing or forcing another person to become a prostitute or live in a brothel.  Commonly this also involves the exchange of money between the “pimp” and the person they hope to solicit into prostitution. In Michigan, pandering is considered a felony and carries a sentence up to twenty years in jail and registration as a Tier 2 sex offender.
  • Prostitution: Prostitution might be known as one of the oldest professions, but prostitution is against the law in the state of Michigan. The Michigan prostitution law covers many crimes from knowingly owning a house used for prostitution to transporting a person for prostitution. Many times a person charged with prostitution can face other charges along with it such as gross indecency.
  • Date Rape: While the term “Date Rape” is not a legal term in Michigan it is covered under Michigan’s Criminal Sexual Conduct laws.  Date rape is a term used to describe sexual activity that occurs when the victim is alleged to be mentally incapacitated or due to any other act committed upon that person without their consent. Prosecutors in Michigan take it very seriously when a defendant is accused to sexually assaulting a victim who the defendant knows to be mentally incapacitated.
  • Sex Offender Registry: In Michigan, and every other state in the United States, if a person is convicted of one sex crime or many sex related crimes, they must register as a sex offender.  Depending on the severity of the crime they may have to register for 15 years, 25 years or for life.  In some cases a conviction may even result in lifetime GPS monitoring through an ankle bracelet.

Whether you are facing charges of statutory rape or child molestation, our experienced legal team is ready to defend your rights and aggressively pursue your freedom.  Depending on the charge, you could easily face a lifelong prison term. You need to maximize your chances that you don’t spend the rest of your life in jail because of a mistake.


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Our history of successful defenses includes cases from places like Ottowa County, Oakland County, Livingston County, Lansing, Jackson, Antrim County, Tuscola County, Clare County & Berrien County, just to mention a few.  We work throughout the entire state of Michigan defending some of the most difficult cases, for more specific information on our areas of practice, consult our services by county page.




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