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Defending against sex crime allegations is a difficult and complex assignment.  This is not a job for passive or timid attorneys.  At Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC, we are actively defending sexual assault allegations every day.  This gives us the advantage of having more experience than most.  If you need the assistance of an expert, call us for a free consultation.  Your defense begins now.  

Michigan’s Premier CSC Defense Lawyers

We have a long history of successfully defending accusations of sexual crimes.  Because we deal with these cases daily, we understand that there are many false allegations surfacing on a regular basis in Michigan.  Unfortunately, there are many people who go through the system and are never properly defended.   Because of this, there are many people in Michigan prisons that should not be there.  The best way to avoid prison is to aggressively and effectively defend your case in the District Court and Circuit Court.  

Degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct

Criminal sexual conduct (“CSC”) is broken down into four degrees, with first degree CSC (1st degree criminal sexual conduct) and third degree CSC (3rd degree criminal sexual conduct) involving “sexual penetration,” and second degree CSC (2nd degree criminal sexual conduct) and fourth degree CSC (4th degree criminal sexual conduct) involving “sexual contact.”  All of these crimes are extremely serious and require an aggressive proactive defense team to get the best possible result.  Being charged with a sex crime can be a life changing event.  You should not face this challenge alone or with an ill-prepared attorney.  Remember that virtually all sexual allegations in Michigan bring the risk of spending many years on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.  There are two main things you need to know about SORA:  1.  Once you are on it, it is hard to get off.  2.  You need to do everything that you can to stay off of it.  Being on the registry will change your life in unimaginable ways.  Some tell us that it is worse than jail or prison.

Penalties for CSC Crimes

Punishments for convictions of any of the four degrees of Michigan sex crimes may include imprisonment. Generally, possible prison sentences range from 2 years to life in prison.  In addition, convicted sex offenders are placed on Michigan’s sex offender registry and can be forced to pay fines, costs and restitution to the alleged victim. It is the job of a highly-skilled sex crime attorney to work to get an acquittal, dismissal or reduction of the charges against their client so that the client will not face harsh punishments. Our attorneys work tirelessly reviewing the evidence against our clients, negotiating with the prosecution, and arguing in court for the best results.  Fortunately, our in-depth understanding of the defense of these most difficult cases has brought relief and freedom to many Michigan clients over the years.

Your Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorneys

While many criminal lawyers have never taken a criminal sexual conduct case to trial, we have tried many of these cases and have achieved excellent results doing so. We take an aggressive stance in defending our clients, which includes hiring top-notch experts, trial consultants and investigators to help with the case as needed. We will not judge a client base on an accusation. Every person in the United States is entitled to excellent criminal defense and that’s what we provide people in Michigan accused of criminal sexual conduct.

Learn More About The Different Degrees Of Criminal Sexual Conduct:

Criminal Sexual Conduct First Degree (1st degree csc)

  • First degree CSC involves penetration and a combination of one or more other factors. Some of these factors include the age, relationship and/or coercion of the alleged victim.  This is the most serious of the four degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct.   Read more here.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Second Degree (2nd degree csc)

  • Second degree CSC involves allegations of sexual contact, rather than penetration. Often, these types of cases are difficult to defend, as many times the only evidence presented is testimony of the alleged victim. Read more here.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Third Degree (3rd degree csc)

  • Third degree CSC involves penetration, much like first degree CSC, however the difference is in more tightly defined aggravating factors. Most often date rape and statuory rape fall within this category.  Although this is a very serious criminal charge, the penalty is less severe that CSC 1st degree.   Learn more here.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Fourth Degree (fourth degree csc)

  • Just like second degree offenses, fourth degree CSC involves allegations of sexual contact, not penetration, but also includes other factors.   Although this is the least severe of the four degrees of CSC, it still carries the potential of spending 25 years on the sex offender registry for many people who are charged with this crime.  Read about those factors here.

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