Stephanie Service

Stephanie Service understands that people who have been accused of committing a sex crime live with a negative social stigma. Ms. Service works hard to combat that stigma, because she knows how damaging it can be.


She also understands that many people are falsely accused of committing offenses that are sexual in nature, and yet they are treated as if they are guilty as soon as they are charged. In her practice, she has learned that many clients:


• have extraordinarily high bonds set
• are treated as if they are guilty as soon as the investigation begins
• have been intimidated and bullied by CPS and police
• have had their rights ignored
• feel that courts treat them unfairly
• are not represented well by court-appointed attorneys


Ms. Service has dedicated herself to helping our clients achieve the results they are looking for in their case. She brings excellent academic credentials to the task, having graduated law school near the top of her class. Now, as a trial attorney, she brings an incredible amount of education, experience, and skill to our trial team.

Ms. Service is available for initial consultations by phone or Skype and by appointment in the office.