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Michigan Assault with Intent Crimes

Sexual Assault with Intent: What does it mean, how do I find representation, and what can a good sex crime lawyer do for me?

Michigan’s main category of sex-related crimes is called criminal sexual conduct (CSC). However, there is also another group of crimes often charged by prosecutors, and those fall within the assault with intent category. Within this category, there is a crime called assault with intent to commit penetration, and another called assault with intent to commit CSC second degree.

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If you or a loved one is facing any criminal investigation or prosecution, contact us right away. We offer high quality representation for all criminal matters. We work on sex crime defense every day and handle cases throughout Michigan. For the most part, your best defense is going to come from an attorney who focuses on specific areas of law and has a long string of successful defenses behind him/her. We have won cases with DNA evidence, confessions, emotional child testimony, crusading investigators and any number of difficult circumstances.

What is assault with intent?

Typically, we see charges for this crime arise when the allegations deal with unwanted sexual advances by the defendant. The defendant must have assaulted or battered the victim while at the same time intending to commit a qualifying sexual act. There are multiple situations that could lead to a charge of assault with intent.

Sometimes, prosecutors throw this charg­e into the mix as a back-up plan if they are unsure if they can get a conviction on a CSC charge. Most Prosecutors would rather aim for a conviction of the lesser offense than risk losing the trial altogether. It is up to the defense lawyer to know how to fight for a win on all charged counts. There are different degrees of assault with intent, including intent to commit CSC involving penetration, which is in Michigan’s penal code 750.520g and intent to commit CSC in the second degree, which is in Michigan’s penal code 750.520c.

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Our attorneys routinely fight against assault with intent and other types of sex crime charges. We are familiar with the tactics used by prosecutors and we identify and exploit the weaknesses in their case. We fight against assault with intent charges just as seriously as charges for any other sex crime. We always fight to win. Sometimes clients don’t really want to go to trial and are looking for a plea bargain. We find the best settlements come when the attorneys have a winning reputation and are prepared for trial.

We are mindful of how traumatic a sex crime conviction and SORA registration can be. Therefore, we work tirelessly to avoid such a calamitous outcome for our clients.

Our attorneys are available by appointment or are on-call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for emergency situations. Call one of our sex crime defense lawyers at 866-766-5245 or fill out our online contact form for your free initial consultation.

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