How To Avoid Charges

Avoiding Charges

When you are being accused of a sex crime, we can work with you to try to avoid the filing of charges against you. Our pre-arrest help is available 24 / 7 to all of our Michigan sex crime clients.

Heres how it works. Experienced, trusted criminal defense lawyers are on call with our firm every day of the year. When we get a crisis phone call from a person in Michigan who is a suspect in a CSC or criminal sexual conduct investigation, our sex crime attorneys are ready to begin working on a case on an emergency basis.

Our team has been successful throughout the state of Michigan in avoiding the filing of criminal charges against our clients. Of course not all cases end with no criminal charges, but our results are impressive all over Michigan.

If you have been smart enough to call us as soon as you learn that a police investigation is under way, we have the best chance to help you. To reach a tough sex crime attorney, call us at 1 866-766-5245.

Our training and experience with pre-arrest assistance has taught to use many different tools to help our clients. While many of our methods are not disclosed here, we can discuss a few of them. These include cutting edge investigators who conduct witness interviews, scientists that help us to uncover evidence, chemists who shed new light on evidence, and finding missing witnesses that may help persuade the prosecutor to not file any charges against you (polygraph examinations of witnesses. ) It is also common for your attorney to interview the police officers investigating the allegations. Sometimes we choose to speak to prosecutors on your behalf. We always have the same goals in mind; avoiding criminal charges is our top priority. After that, we focus on posturing ourselves to defend you in case charges are actually filed against you. Finally, we apply damage control if we have been contacted early enough in the pre-arrest process.

It is wise to begin to protect yourself even before charges are filed against you. You should always take advantage of your right to have an aggressive sex crime attorney by your side from the very beginning of any investigation. Do not feel pressured by anybody, including the police officers that want to send you to prison, to give up your right to an experienced CSC sexual assault attorney. Our phones are answered twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, at 1 866-766-5245. Protect your future call us before you speak with anybody about your case. We can help you as we have helped hundreds of others accused of crimes in Michigan. Our pre-arrest assistance might save your life.