Picking Hiring Attorney

Meeting and Hiring Your Attorney

If you are charged with a sex crime in Michigan, you best move is to hire the right attorney immediately. Defending clients charged with any kind of sex crimes (CSC, molestation, child pornography, etc.) is a highly specialized field. This work is not for rookies, general practice attorneys or lawyers that lack extensive experience in defending these very serious charges. A small, select number of Michigan attorneys have chosen to focus their practice on fighting to keep clients out of prison when they are charged with sexual assault crimes.

In looking for a criminal defense attorney, first, ask how many sex crime cases the lawyer has handled. Ask how many criminal sexual conduct cases they have taken to trial. You will also want to know whether they have won their CSC, Molestation, Child Pornography and other sex crime trials. Obviously you want to trust your life only to a defense team that is focused, highly skilled, and very experienced defending sex crimes in Michigan. Our aggressive team has more than 80 years of combined experience fighting for clients. We defend clients against sex crime charges daily. We have taken these cases to jury trial all over Michigan. We have won trials throughout Michigan. We understand these cases. We know your life is on the line when you are accused of a sex assault. We take these cases very seriously.

Check the attorneys case results. After all, nobody really cares much about anything except great results. Our track record is proven. We fight to win.

Determine what your budget will allow. There is no use looking for a top-notch attorney if you have a shoestring budget. Most attorneys set their fees based on many factors. These include their experience in the particular area of law, the complexity of your case, an estimate of the amount of work that will be needed for your case, whether your case will require the lawyer to turn away other work in order to focus on your defense. This is just a partial list of factors that many attorneys consider. Keep in mind you often get what you pay for. Aggressive defense of a sex crime case by a competent, aggressive attorney will cost tens of thousands of dollars. We understand this financial commitment is not something that everybody can afford. We dont claim to be the right lawyers for everybody.

Next, figure out whether youre speaking with a lawyer that you can afford.Premium level attorneys usually charge a great deal of money for defending Michigan sex crime charges. Cheap lawyers know what they are worth and they charge accordingly. On the other hand, attorneys with a top reputation, extensive experience, an impressive record and a tough defense team on board are likely to charge more but are well worth it. Our defense team decided long ago that we would focus on providing top-notch legal defense for our clients. We work long hard hours fighting for our clients. All of our attorneys practice law for our firm full time. We dont farm out cases to independent attorney contractors working part time for many different firms. Consequently we are well paid for our work. If you are looking for a cheap lawyer, we are not the right attorneys for you, but if you want a top-notch, competant, experienced defense team, you can reach us 24 / 7 at 1 866-766-5245.

Your Initial Appointment.

When you meet with an attorney for the very first consultation, try and provide as much information as possible. These are things to remember: Bring along each and every document you have that pertains to your arrest. Bring with you all documents from the court. This could possibly include:

  • Search or Arrest Warrants or the police officers documentation of items they seized. In Michigan, this is called the return.
  • A copy of the criminal complaint against you. This spells out the very specific charges against you.
  • Papers pertaining to your bail or bond.
  • Notices that give information about future, scheduled court dates.
  • The police report, if you have it.
  • Your personal identification.
  • A complete list of your past criminal convictions and/or arrests.
  • A list of any and all witnesses that you think could be important to your case. You should include the name, address, telephone numbers and a brief summary of why you think that person could be an important witness. This list should include both witnesses for you and witnesses against you.

Tell your lawyer the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It doesnt make sense to lie to your attorney. No matter how great your lawyer is, you cannot possibly be defended well if the attorney does not have all the facts. As soon as you have met with a criminal defense attorney, everything you tell that lawyer is usually protected by attorney-client privilege. This means that the lawyer cant be forced to repeat your personal information unless they feel that withholding it would put you or another person in immediate danger. Giving your lawyer too much information is far better than not giving enough information. When in doubt, tell it to your lawyer and the lawyer will sift through it.

Bring along things and information you think might be important. However, never bring along physical evidence in a case!

Our trusted sex crime defense team believes that once you have met with us, you will understand that the best investment you can make for your future is to hire the best attorney you can afford. The right attorney is critical.