Polygraph Test Lie Detectors

Michigan Polygraph Tests


When law enforcement gets wind that a sex crime occurred, they will investigate the situation. A police investigation is an attempt to gather evidence used to arrest a suspect. Suspects do not want to help the police in this investigation. Generally, investigators use many methods in order to get the proof necessary to make an arrest. These methods may include witness interviews, interrogations of the suspect, interviews with the alleged victim, and a polygraph test.

A polygraph test is also called a “lie detector test.” The test measures a suspect’s blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity to try to determine whether the suspect is being deceptive with his or her answers. Critics of polygraph tests argue that the test results are not accurate. In fact, polygraph results are generally not admissible in court because they have been shown to be unreliable.


There are a number of reasons why the police might want someone to take a polygraph, and those reasons are usually not favorable to the suspect. Investigators may not yet have enough evidence to charge the person with Criminal Sexual Conductor any other sex crime. So, they may be hoping that the intimidating environment of a polygraph examination may cause the suspect to make damaging statements. Remember, you never want to help investigators make their case.

Whether a suspect fails or passes a polygraph, the police will generally use a polygraph to their advantage by interrogating the suspect in a very intimidating fashion. Don’t fall into this trap! Because of the unreliability of these lie detector tests, even a person who is 100% innocent can fail the test. A suspect shouldn’t be pressured into confessing to something he or she didn’t do. The United States Constitution protects our right not to make a confession that is involuntary. Nobody, regardless of guilt or innocence, ought to be forced to give a confession in an environment that involves coercive interview techniques. We recommend not taking a government polygraph without the advice of a lawyer.

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