Tier 2 Convictions

Tier 2 Sex Crime Convictions

Michigan Sex Crime Attorneys Tier 2 Sex Crime Convictions


The Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), which is Michigan’s sex offender registry law, requires people convicted of certain sex crimes to register as a sex offender. Some registered sex offenders fall into Tier 2, which is the middle of a three-tier system in terms of the severity of the convicted offense.


Convictions that land a defendant in Tier 2 include:


  • Subsequent Tier I crime committed by someone already convicted of a Tier I crime
    • CSC 2nd degree against victim aged 13 or older
    • CSC 4th degree against a victim aged 13 up to 18
    • Assault with intent to commit CSC 2nd degree against a victim aged 13 up to 18
    • Distribution of child sexually abusive material (child pornography)
    • Accosting, enticing, or soliciting a child under 16 for an immoral purpose
    • Pandering (enticing a female to prostitute herself)
    • Using a computer to solicit or commit an immoral act against a minor
    • Sodomy against a victim aged 13 up to 18
    • Enticing, persuading, inducing, coercing, causing, or knowingly allowing a minor to be involved with sexually abusive activity for the purpose of producing child sexually abusive material
  • Solicitation against a minor
  • Gross indecency against a victim aged 13 up to 18
    • A substantially similar offense to the ones described above under the laws of another jurisdiction
    • An attempt or conspiracy to commit any of the above


Tier 2 offenders remain on the registry for 25 years, unless they are eligible for early removal. In-person verification at the police department occurs twice per year for Tier 2 offenders, which is between January 1 and January 15, and between July 1 and July 15. Those defendants adjudicated as juveniles who would otherwise be placed in Tier 2 are not required to register on Michigan’s sex offender registry.


Removal from the sex offender registry:

Certain registered sex offenders are eligible to get off the registry early. The attorneys at Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC certainly understand why a person would want off the registry early. Registration makes it hard to obtain and keep employment. Those offenders on the public sex offender registry website face embarrassment for themselves and their children.


Visit our website, http://www.michigansora.com, to learn more about early removal from the registry. Unlike other attorneys, we do not charge full attorneys fees up front. Rather, we charge a small fee that will allow us to consult with you about whether you qualify for the limited opportunities to petition the court for early removal.