Charles Pugh Extradited To Michigan To Face CSC Charges

Charles Pugh will be coming back to Michigan to stand trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a teen boy.


Charles Pugh, the former Detroit City Council President, was accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy during his time in Detroit as weekend morning anchor for local TV station. Pugh is being extradited to Michigan to face charges, from his home in New York City.


According to the victim, who is 27-year-old now, Pugh is a sexual predator who used his semi-celebrity status to prey on a vulnerable child. The relationship between Pugh and his accuser is said to have developed while Pugh was working at the television station in Detroit. The alleged victim was a member of Detroit’s Mosaic Youth Theatre at the time and regularly performed on the morning TV show. Although it has been thirteen years since this incident is said to have taken place, the alleged victim only came forward recently.


Pugh initially left Detroit in 2013, as a result of allegations of sexual abuse that destroyed his career. At the time, another victim had come forward, claiming that Pugh had tried to sexually ‘groom’ him while he was involved in a mentorship program at a Detroit school. The scandal had such a damaging effect on Pugh’s political career that he left the state and moved to New York.


This alleged victim brought a civil suit against Pugh for $1 million claiming emotional distress and battery. In 2015, a jury awarded him $250,000. Pugh had not appeared during any of the hearings as he was living in New York at the time. No criminal charges were brought as a result of these allegations, but Pugh’s problems were far from over.


After the civil lawsuit was over, a second alleged victim came forward, claiming that he and Pugh had been involved in a sexual relationship during his early teens. Based on these claims, the Detroit Police chose to pursue criminal charges against Pugh for sexual assault of a minor.


Pugh is currently facing a total of six felony charges in Michigan – including three counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct and three counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct. According to the Wayne County, Michigan Prosecutor’s Office, Pugh was arrested in New York on the sex crimes warrant in Detroit, Michigan, where he was arraigned. He waived his right to an extradition hearing which means that he chose not to fight against extradition back to Michigan. Fighting interstate extradition is very rarely successful.


Just days ago, 44-year-old Pugh appeared in a courtroom in New York City in handcuffs before beginning his extradition journey back to Michigan. As is usual, a private company has been contracted to handle Pugh’s extradition. They have released no details about the time, date or method of Pugh’s extradition for security reasons. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office informs us that he will be arraigned via video conference once he arrives back in Michigan. Pugh faces up to life in prison if he is convicted for the CSC 1st degree charge(s). Those CSC 3rd degree charges are punishable by up to 15 years with the Michigan Department of Corrections.


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