Michigan House Bills Aimed at Sexual Assault by Doctors Are Moving Forward!

A close up of a doctor wearing a white coat, with a stethoscope around his neck.
In the wake of the Nassar scandal, Michigan is taking an aggressive approach to patient safety.

Few things inspire new legislation like a tragedy, and that’s certainly been the case with regards to Larry Nassar. The Michigan sports doctor was convicted of sexually assaulting well over a hundred of his patients – all young women and girls – under the guise of administering sensitive medical examinations. After the assaults became public and the trial was underway, legislators pushed new bills through, changing Michigan’s statute of limitations, and expanding who can give victim impact statements at trials. 

Many doctors have been convicted of sexual assault recently…

However, those aren’t the only things legislators believe need to change here in the Great Lakes state. Because Nassar wasn’t the only doctor convicted of sexually abusing his patients in recent years, there is a concern that physicians and other medical professionals may be using their authority to assault patients. James Heaps, a physician at UCLA; George Tyndall, a gynecologist at USC; and Richard Strauss, a team doctor at OSU, are just a few examples of highly regarded campus doctors who’ve been accused and convicted of sexually assaulting their patients.

People no longer see their doctors as ‘safe’.

Doctors are no longer viewed as the trusted and valued community leaders they once were. Now, for many people, the idea of being alone in a room with a doctor is unnerving, if not downright scary. And for a growing number of people, primarily women, the idea of having a male doctor examining their privates is no different than being sexually assaulted. It’s a drastic turn of events, and one that local legislators believe needs to change. But how do they propose to solve this issue of patient safety?

New bills addressing sexual assault by doctors are moving forward.

Our Michigan House of Representatives moved a bill forward that will expedite the process of having a doctor’s medical license stripped if they’re convicted of sexually abusing a patient under the guise of medical treatment in Michigan. In addition, other bills in the same package would require medical professionals to keep records on certain invasive procedures for up to 15 years, and also change the Freedom of Information Act to keep the identities of sexual assault victims anonymous in certain civil lawsuits and proceedings.

Legislators say we should be doing more for the victims of sexual assault

Michigan Representative David LaGrand, who is the minority vice chair on the committee that passed these bills, says that we have a long way to go before we’ve really addressed the issue. “This is a huge problem that we’ve really only started to scratch the surface on, and we have to have a much broader conversation as a society about the endemic problems of sexual assault.” 

Being accused of sexually assaulting a patient can destroy your career!

There are bad doctors out there, just like there are bad cops, parents, business owners, and celebrities. What you do for a living doesn’t make you a good or bad person. But when a portion of people in one profession make horrible choices, sadly, it casts a negative light on everyone. And as a result of the abuses committed by some doctors, all doctors are now suffering – labelled as potential sexual assailants and treated with suspicion. And the impact on a doctor’s career, if they’re ever accused of sexual assault, is devastating! These days, it seems that once an accusation is made, people are presumed guilty despite the Constitutional guarantee to be presumed innocent. 

Make sure you protect your future and your rights!

If you or a loved one have been falsely accused of sexually abusing someone, whether you’re a doctor or working in another profession that would be negatively impacted by these allegations, then you know your future is at risk. Every part of a person’s life is affected by claims of committing a sex crime or sexual assault. The fallout can last a lifetime! The Kronzek Firm has decades of experience fighting false allegations of sexual assault. Our extremely experienced sex crime attorneys can be reached at 866 766 5245 immediately.  Let our experienced and aggressive sex crime defense attorneys protect your rights, and your future.

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