They Lied About me! I’m Not a Child Molester! What Should I do Now?(Pt 2)

Distinguishing truth from lies can be very hard in some cases, especially child molestation cases!


Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for this discussion. It’s a very hard subject to talk about, we know, but this information is so important if you happen to be caught up in false allegations of child molestation, or other sex crimes. So if you’ve been accused of molesting a child, or sexually assaulting anyone under the age of consent in Michigan, then this series is for you! And if you’ve only just found us now, then we recommend that you take a few minutes to get caught up. Otherwise, let’s jump right in…


Sex crimes, including molestation, are charged based on what “happened”


Yes, we know – it didn’t actually happen. But if someone (in this case a child) is claiming that you made unwanted, or illegal sexual contact with them, the police are going to take it seriously. Which means that you should too. If you’ve been accused of actual sexual penetration (not just sexual touching) then you’re likely looking at First or Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, which are both very serious felonies in Michigan! In fact, one could earn you decades behind bars, while the other could land you in prison for life! In addition, you’ll be in Michigan’s public sex offender registry.


Why would a kid lie about being molested?


There are many reasons why a kid would lie about being molested (or why a parent would lie on their behalf). These are the most common ones:



  • A high conflict divorce:


Believe it or not, messy divorces are often the source of false allegations of abuse, usually sexual. This is because one parent wants full custody of the kids (which means bigger child support checks) and so they claim the other parent is abusing the kids. It’s a terrible and evil way to get what you want, but many parents have resorted to this down and dirty method in order to get what they want after a divorce!



  • Foster kids with a history of trauma:


Many kids in foster care have been the victims of abuse, whether it’s sexual abuse or some other type. So when they make reports of abuse, law enforcement listens! But why would they lie? Lots of reasons, like:

  1. They’re using the allegations as a weapon or a tool of manipulation to get what they want.
  2. They’re reporting assault that never happened as a way to get attention
  3. They’re making false claims as a way to gain control over circumstances where they feel powerless and helpless, or
  4. They’re reporting actual molestation, but getting the timeline screwed up, so something that happened a long time ago with someone else sounds like it happened recently with you.


Have you been falsely accused of molesting a child in Michigan?


False allegations of sexual assault, especially when the alleged victims are children, are very serious! So join us next time for the wrap up on why some kids lie, and find out what you can do to protect yourself! And if you or a loved one have been falsely accused of molesting a child in Michigan, you should hire a reputable defense attorney immediately! Contact The Kronzek Firm PLC immediately at 866-766-5245 (866 7No Jail) and talk to the highly skilled attorneys.  At the Kronzek Firm, we have decades of experience handling these types of cases. We know what you’re up against, and we can help you through this dark and frightening time. We can do this battle together.


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