Why Someone Might Falsely Accuse You of Rape! (Pt 1)

There are many reasons why someone might lie about rape. Here are some of the more common ones.

This is not a popular subject. We have finally moved out of the era of victim blaming and shaming, and into a time when not believing the victim can be a very unpopular choice (especially when social media gets involved). In most cases, that’s exactly the way it should be. However, there are cases where people make accusations of sexual assault that are false (seriously – it happens more often than you think!) Although in this current social setting, it can sometimes be hard for a falsely accused person to be heard and believed.

There are several reasons for why someone might lie about rape:

People lie for all sorts of reasons, but when it comes to sex, there are usually a few simple reasons why someone might lie about being raped, when really they consented to sex. Let’s take a look at the more common explanations:

  • They’re embarrassed to admit it:

There could be all sorts of reasons for why someone feels shame about having sex with you. Maybe it’s not personal, and they simply can’t admit that they had sex with anyone. Perhaps they did certain things with you that they’re ashamed to admit to. (Not everything is okay in everyone’s personal playbook!)

Or perhaps you’re simply the type of person they would be too embarrassed to admit they had sex with, so it’s easier to lie and pretend that they never consented in the first place. Either way, whatever the reason for their shame, they simply won’t admit that they readily agreed to sleep with you, so the only other option they see is to accuse you of rape.Scary but true.

  • They’re afraid of the fall out:

Sometimes admitting to having sex in certain situations can mean backlash for people, and they’re afraid of the consequences of that choice. Maybe it’s because they know that having sex outside of marriage is against their family’s faith, and their parent’s anger and disappointment is too much to bear.

Or maybe they’re already in a committed relationship and admitting to having sex with you will cost them their partner. Either way, admitting it costs them too much, and while they may feel guilty about lying, they’d rather someone else took the blame than they had to deal with the consequences of making that choice on their own!

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