Bill Cosby Sex Crime Allegations – An Update on the Case

Bill Cosby is on trial, after years of allegations, for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand


Although this is not a Michigan based rape case, Bill Cosby is a household name across the nation, and during the peak of his career, had fans in every state. For that reason, we would like to update our readers about what is going on in this highly publicized, and very controversial case.


Chloe Goins, a woman who claims that she was sexually assaulted in 2008 in the Playboy Mansion, filed a civil lawsuit against not just Cosby, but also Hugh Hefner as well. Hefner, the owner of the Playboy Mansion and also publisher of Playboy magazine, is named as being complicit in the sexual assault against Goins.


At a recent news conference, Goins’ attorney made a statement about the reasons why Hefner was being included in the lawsuit. “We have alleged in our complaint and we believe we can prove at this time that not only is Mr. Cosby responsible for the heinous acts against our client and many other women, but that Mr. Hefner was complicit in not only our incident, but for a history of violence against women.” We wonder whether Hef’s deep pockets played a part in the decision to sue him.


Although there are a number of civil lawsuits against The Cos at this time, all of them brought by women who claim that he drugged and then sexually assaulted them, there is only one criminal case against him. Andrea Constand, the alleged victim in the case, claims that Cosby drugged and then raped her at his Philadelphia mansion twelve years ago.


There is also enormous controversy over the fact that Cosby shared a number of very revealing statements during a deposition, when he was guaranteed there would not result in prosecution. However, the no-prosecution deal appears to be falling apart, and Cosby’s incriminating statements are being used against him.


In the deposition, Cosby admits to drugging women for sex, dating much younger women, and giving Constand pills before having sex with her. Although the former Pennsylvania prosecutor has said that these admissions were made after the prosecutor’s office cut a deal with Cosby, there appears to be no written record of the deal.


At this point, Cosby is spending millions of dollars in attorneys fees, as his team of lawyers works to defend him against sexual assault allegations, defamation claims and even insurance disputes. AIG, Cosby’s insurance company, is said to be fighting to keep two $1 million homeowner policies, and $35 million in excess liability coverage, from kicking in. The reason, they say, is that these policies exclude coverage for sexual assault cases, but Cosby’s attorneys are arguing that these are actually defamation cases.


As of now, we have no idea how this will pan out. But along with the rest of the nation, we will be watching and waiting, curious to see how this case is resolved. Our criminal defense team reminds us that the Cos remains cloaked in the presumption of innocence.  

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