Being a Registered Sex Offender Can Affect Your Summer Travel Plans

Being on the sex offender registry can put a major cramp in your holiday travel plans!


It’s summer time! The season of flip-flops at the swimming pool, bathing suits at the lake, and chilled beers at the BBQ. For many people, summer time means vacation time – fun in the sun, and time away with family and loved ones. But if you’re a registered sex offender on Michigan’s sex offender registry, there’s a chance your summer plans might not work out. Why? Because believe it or not, being a registered sex offender can ruin your summer travel plans.


If you’re travelling in the state of Michigan:


In most cases, travelling within the state of Michigan won’t be affected by your sex offender status. However, if you plan on being away from home for longer than seven days, you have to report your vacation plans to the Michigan State Police within three days of making them. (If you’re going to be travelling for less than 7 days you’re not required to notify the cops.)


The only issue you may run into, is the fact that you’re required to report to the MSP any changes of address. And because the law isn’t very clear, and can sometimes be interpreted differently by different people, if your family rents an Airbnb house for a week and you don’t report your destination (or if the house happens to be within 1,000 feet of a school) you might end up in trouble with the law.


If you’re leaving the state, but staying within the USA:


Registered sex offenders in Michigan can travel to other states in the U.S. on vacation, as long as being away doesn’t mean you miss your annual (or quarterly) registration date, and you won’t be gone longer than seven days. Unless you happen to be on probation. Then there’s a good chance that leaving the state without permission of your probation agent will result in a whole lot of misery. Also, be aware that you may need to register with the state you are travelling to before you get there. Check with the other state before going there.


Each state is different in how it handles visiting sex offenders, so do your homework ahead of time! Some states, like Wisconsin, don’t require notice from registered sex offenders planning to visit. But certain other states do require notification before you head out. States like Nebraska require you to register if you plan on staying longer than 5 days, and here in Michigan we require registration by all visiting sex offenders after 10 days.


If you’re leaving the country for any international destination:


Countries all over the world have restrictions on what type of people can enter, a fact that is even more restrictive since 9/11. Many countries do not allow known felons to cross their borders. However, sex crime defense attorneys are noticing a new trend: With technology advancing at breakneck speed, it’s now much easier for border control agents in other countries to screen visitors as they enter, checking whether or not they’re registered sex offenders.


Also, you need to remember that Federal sex offender guidelines are different from Michigan state guidelines. Under Federal law, a registered sex offender is required to notify law enforcement 21 days before any international travel, no matter what length of time they plan to be away. So if you’re hoping to backpack Europe, or enjoy some siesta on the beach in Mexico, do a little research and find out whether you can enter the country you hope to visit before you spend any money on the ticket!


Having a good Michigan sex crime defense attorney makes all the difference!

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