Do New College Students Have to Take Sexual Assault Prevention Training in Michigan?

College campuses all over the state are rethinking how they approach the issue of sexual assault


Amidst the uproar of the Dr. Larry Nassar scandal, and the #MeToo movement, there has been something of a revolution when it comes to social responses to sexual assault. Industries, universities, and corporations all over the country have come under public scrutiny in the last year for how they handle allegations of sexual assault. And Michigan is certainly no different. What sets up apart though, is how the state is proposing to handle this issue in the future.


The Nassar case initiated statewide changes


In the wake of the Nassar case, Michigan State University came under fire for the way university officials had handled the allegations. Many were found to have turned a blind eye when reports of molestation and sexual abuse were made by Nassar’s victims. Others are accused of being complicit in the assaults. Many people have lost their jobs, and in several cases, charges have been brought. However, some of the most lasting changes have been in the legislature, as Michigan’s lawmakers grapple with how to avoid this kind of catastrophe in the future.


Many changes to the law have been suggested…


There have been numerous bills introduced in recent months, which lawmakers are hoping will address the issue of sexual assault. In particular, on college campuses around the state of Michigan. Here are a few of the bills that have been introduced so far:


  • Public universities and colleges around Michigan would be at risk of losing 10% of their funding from the state if they don’t create mandatory in-person sexual assault prevention training courses for incoming freshmen and sophomore students.


  • Universities would also lose 10% of their funding if they failed to certify that the university president, and at least one trustee or regent, has reviewed all Title IX complaints involving school employees. (allegations of sexual assault made against staff and school employees)


  • universities would also lose 10% of their operations funding if they don’t prohibit the use of in-house medical experts in investigations under IX (which is the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination.)


Many campuses are creating their own reforms!


Not all of these bills have made it past the initial stages in the legislature, in particular the bill aimed at forcing universities to create mandatory sex assault prevention programs for students. However, many universities and colleges around Michigan have gone ahead and taken the issue into their own hands – proactively creating programs aimed at increasing awareness of rape and other types of sexual assaults on campus, and increasing accountability of staff who are notified.


Those accused of sexual assault will have a bigger battle on their hands in future!


There was a time when someone who was accused of a crime was considered innocent until proven guilty. In the current climate, that no longer seems to be the case. Anyone accused of any sex crime now is automatically assumed to be guilty in the court of public opinion, which can have devastating effects on your life. From losing your job to having relationships permanently ruined, being accused of a sex crime can ruin your life long before the jury makes a decision! Fortunately, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that universities must now afford people that are accused of sex assault some basic Constitutional protections including due process and the right to confront their accuser.


So make sure you have the best criminal defense attorney possible!


If you or a loved one have been accused of a felony or sex crime in Michigan, whether it’s molesting a child, having a sexual relationship with a student, or date raping someone, you have an uphill battle ahead! So make the smartest choice you can right now, and call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) and make sure you’ve got an experienced and aggressive sex crime defense attorney in your corner. Because you’re going to need one! And of course, the right attorney is critical.


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