They Lied About me! I’m Not a Child Molester! What Should I do Now?(Pt 3)

Kids are not always honest, and sometimes they misrepresent facts in ways that can hurt others.


Welcome back. We know this is a really rough subject to read about, and we understand if you’re feeling like you might not be able to stand another discussion about false allegations of sexual assault. We get it – it’s really hard to talk about. But for those of you who are dealing with this issue right now, the more you know about your options, the better! Although, with that mind, we want to remind you that while it’s a good idea to stay informed, you shouldn’t make any decisions without talking to a highly experienced sex crime lawyer first! So let’s wrap this up…


Kids sometimes lie about being molested.


As we pointed out in the previous article, sometimes kids make claims of sexual abuse that aren’t true. Sometimes they’re the source of the allegations, and sometimes they corroborate someone else’s lies. It can seem really confusing, but there are reasons for why this happens. We’ve already talked about how this can happen during high conflict divorces, and how foster kids can sometimes make false allegations of traumas that are all too real. We’ve seen in over and over during the past decades of aggressively fighting molestation and rape cases in Michigan. Now let’s look at two more very common situations:



  • Kids say what they think adults want them to:


Sometimes there’s nothing else going on, other than the fact that the kid being questioned desperately wants to please the adult talking to them. During a forensic interview with a detective, or while a CPS or social worker is interviewing a child after an allegation of molestation has been made, sometimes that child will agree that they were sexually assaulted. Even if it wasn’t true. It’s a phenomena well known to child psychologists and criminal defense attorneys.


Why? Because kids are often eager to please. And if they think that’s what this adult wants to hear from them, then that’s what they’ll say. In most cases, those kids have no idea what the greater implications of their statements will be.



  • Adults sometimes misunderstand what kids are saying:


As adults, we’re pretty good about reading the hidden clues in what we’re saying to each other. It’s a vital part of how we communication – with body language, contextual clues, and hints that are woven into our speech. But kids aren’t that complicated.


So when a kid says they were in their mom’s bed, or their daddy likes to play tickle games with them, there’s a pretty good chance they mean exactly what they’re saying. It often doesn’t mean something sinister is going on, but adults sometimes look for the hidden clues in a child’s speech, and as a result, they misunderstand completely! In so many sex assault and child molestation cases, our criminal defense attorneys have seen misinterpretations of things said by children.


Have you been falsely accused of molesting a child in Michigan?

False allegations of sexual assault, especially against children, are taken very seriously in Michigan! In this “me too” time, everyone is hyper-sensitive to claims of being assaulted sexually. So if you or a loved one have been falsely accused of molesting a child, you’re going to need an aggressive and highly experienced molestation and rape defense attorney working to defend you, both in and out of court! Contact The Kronzek Firm PLC immediately at 866-766-5245 (866 7No Jail) and talk to one of our highly skilled sex crime defense attorneys. We have decades of experience handling these types of cases in Michigan, and we can help you through this dark and frightening time.


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